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Now In Color

Now In Color is a weekly podcast that brings POC stories, erased from history, back to the forefront. 

Nov 12, 2018

This week, Sandie and Rich Tu come together with a special collaboration episode of Now In Color and First Generation Burden. In honor of Veterans Day, Sandie tells the story of the forgotten Chinese-American soldiers who fought in the Civil War, focusing specifically on Joseph Pierce.  Rich talks representation, Awkwafina, and Harvard. Sandie talks about creative burnout. At one point in this episode, their friendship transcends to a deeper level: Rich manages to get some tears flowing out of Sandie. Vulnerability is where it's at, y'all. 


This is a special collaboration episode with First Generation Burden featuring Rich Tu: "First Generation Burden is a series of conversations with immigrants the children of immigrants. It is a platform to celebrate the unique and diverse immigrant population in this America. Also, it’s just a bunch of fun conversations with good people." You can find First Gen Burden on iTunes, SoundCloud, and anywhere you get your podcasts! Find out more about First Gen Burden: