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Now In Color

Now In Color is a weekly podcast that brings POC stories, erased from history, back to the forefront. 

May 9, 2019

Note from Sandie: I feel like I always fall into a mid-season slump, where I get really sick or work begins to pile up. I'm so sorry! 


This week, law student Renée de Jesus joins Sandie to talk about the case for de-segregation of schools before Brown v. Board of Education: Mendez v. Westminster. They discuss microaggressions, terrible startups, and how to decolonize your education (and mind). 


This podcast is presented by Brick By Brick Studios (IG: @brickbybrickstudios) and sponsored in part by Dylan Underwear (IG: @dylan_underwear). Use the promo code: NOWINCOLOR to get 10% your first purchase of Dylan.