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Now In Color

Now In Color is a weekly podcast that brings POC stories, erased from history, back to the forefront. 

Mar 19, 2019

If you're a Harry Potter or Doctor Who fan, this episode is for you! This week, writer and podcaster Constance Gibbs (of Nerds of Color, TARBIS, etc) joins Sandie to discuss all the racial nuances of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. She talks about the complexities of being POC in the super-white nerd and fandom culture. They talk about shipping, fanfiction, and so much more! Constance also tells the story of her second favorite Potter: Richard Potter, the first African American stage magician. 


This magical episode is presented by Brick By Brick Studios (IG: @BrickByBrickStudios) and sponsored in part by Dylan Underwear (IG: @Dylan_Underwear). You can download and listen to Now In Color anywhere you get podcasts. Follow on IG @NowInColorPodcast and Twitter @Now_InColor for more updates!